The story of being unfraid

Robert Greene, in his classic book, Mastery asks the reader to cultivate negative capability, a state of mind which is not jealous and is unafraid of reaching conclusions. Instead, cultivating negative capability will allow us to suspend our egoic voices and latch onto what is good and great about the work of our peers. Essentially, negative capability then is the ability to be unfazed by knowledge that is unknown. Let us admit – known knowledge can be handled by computers in a more superior way to humans. It is unknown knowledge and discovery that our eyes should be upon. 
For a person to be a master, he has to know the rules of his art; know them very well, in fact…so that a consistent structure to his thought is always maintained while the content can flip around the structure and be as transient as a lightning storm. 

I am doing my own bit for cultivating negative capability by religiously reflecting on my thoughts and those of my peers, considering them at length and discarding them if they are not useful. 

What can you do today to bring less stress and more relaxation into your life? 
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