The intelligence of compassion as the highest form of intelligence 

Is there an action that is so whole and so complete that it can never make a mistake? Is there an action in which the sense of time disappears? 

Modern psychologists are calling such an action part of “flow.” Flow is a state where the mental chatter shuts off and the brain suddenly becomes extremely active, alert and aware of its environment. Krishnamurti asserts however that a flow state is useless unless the brain is in complete order. So the first thing we have to do is establish a state of complete order. Then, once order is established, the brain can perceive directly the truth of its own action and use thought where necessary. 

I feel that we rely too much on thought. We are modelling geniuses and can simulate reality in our heads and figure stuff out without actually doing it. This modelling capability being overused has clearly caught us. It has caught us in a network of words, concepts and ideals. When you realise that you are caught in a network of second hand ideas and knowledge, there begins your awakening. An awakening which removes the authority that language has over you so that you can use language as indented – for accurate communication and not feel burdened by it.

When there is a direct perception of the universe guiding me, I act instantaneously. This action is not calculated and borne out of thought. Rather, it is part of a continual spectrum of action and feels completely natural to me. The intelligence that operates during this state is not of thought but of global compassion. It has no sense of self – this state. In fact, the action in this state kills the self in favor of action only, meaning that the action has no motive. It simply arrives and goes, and you move with that energy. In this state, a lack of energy is never felt. You feel like you have adundant energy and that any more you need, will be given to you by the universe. 

I may be speaking gibberish. But I am trying to communicate something highly incredible. Understand this  –  if one can live in this world, without fear and with a feeling of surrender, then one can live a life under the shadow of no control.

A life in which there is no effort to control or become a particular Way. That is the highest form of intelligence.

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