Social dynamics – wavelength theory 

The law of attraction is a commonly held belief among many citizens of the planet. The belief holds, as its central idea, that the universe has a law – a law of cause and effect that essentially depends upon vibration and feelings to keep the wheels churning. 

The same wavelength theory operates at a micro scale in terms of human action and meaning, in two people who have a relationship. What “turn up the volume” may mean when I say the words to a stranger, will be completely different from the meaning inferred by my acquaintance, which will again be interpreted differently by someone who is super close and a cool buddy to hang out with. 
Based on how the message is interpreted, action will differ. Remember the words spoken are the same but the state of the speaker that they convey is different. The speaker wanted the volume turned up really high and it was only the best friend who could understand that the speaker was really in the mood for some loud music. The understanding of the listener depends on two things:

1) the current wavelength of connection between the speaker and listener which depends on the internal state and receptivity of the listener 

2) the depth and age of the relantionhsip between the speaker and listener 
In other words, it is the wavelength – the frequency at which the two minds vibrate that determines everything. Quite literally everything. The vibe within the relationship determines the action and not the words, as I was previously thinking. This means that the meaning conveyed is far, far more important and intuitive than what the logical mind can understand. 
The emotional brain speaks a different language than the logical. That language is the language of wavelength and frequency. 

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