Resistance is a force which will bury you. It kills your genius by distracting you and lulling you to sleep. It makes you sit and watch television when you ought to be doing the work you are meant to be doing. Steve Pressfield calls it “resistance” in his book “The War of Art.” The ancient Hindus called it Tamas or “inertia.” I think they were both pointing to the same idea even though they coined it thousands of years apart.

We have always done this throughout history. Taken idea-forms and given them different names in different languages. We do it partly because our audience is too diverse and not everyone speaks the same language but more importantly not everyone understands the same language.

Everyday is a fight against resistance, against mediocrity and against fear. Do not mistake it.

How do you beat it? 

You beat it by letting go of the past and by praying to yourself asking for forgiveness. You see our problems and anxieties are addictive because it allows us to be identified with who we were and who we are. It diminishes our capacities and creates a safety net into which we can fall back. Your previous learning has become an obstacle to your learning. Your own knowledge has become an obstacle to meaningful progress. So you drop what you know and allow yourself the space to breathe in the unknown. The unknown is always fresh and free of resistance.

Action Step: Every morning after waking up forgive yourself for the mistakes of yesterday and many yesteryears before. You were not as wise then as you are this morning.

To your growth,


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