I am currently doing a daily evening walk, after dinner. The walk takes place in a close neighbourhood which is rather quiet and secluded and offers a great space to walk to your heart’s content. You’ll probably go over the same road more than once because the neighbourhood is small. My walk takes thirty minutes on average, from the time I step out of the house to the time I am back inside. I take this opportunity to have a conversation with friends and family. Why not kill two birds with one stone. That’s leadership trick number 1. Engage in actions that will hav multiple benefits and even have a trickle effect on future actions.
Just last night, I was speaking to Maxwell, a good friend over at Boston. When the subject of our friendship came up,  Max endearingly said that he learnt a lot of things from me, including how to hold intensity with someone, how to lead people into decisions and in conversations and above all, how to think critically and carry yourself based off of that thinking. This got me thinking! What really is my leadership philosophy? In an age where leadership qualities are prized and even rare,  there are several aspects of leadership where unconventional action and thinking is required. This brings me to my central theme. My own philosophy of leadership. 
Leadership then is an energy, an attitude where one blends an active search for the unconventional, the novel and the visionary within themselves with the conventional, the traditional and the follower within themselves. It’s a combination of actively pushing people and passively listening to people, albeit listening very closely. Most of us are too quick to jump out and raise our hands. “I have the answer Teacher.” We are all looking to be the one to give out the answers, as if they are already there in our minds. That’s a great trade but equally important is asking the pertinent questions. Asking the questions is the real push; not giving the answers. Asking can only come when we listen and observe carefully. 

The way of the Tao is the way of the leader. Truly, a leader is one who can steer his vision and his team without trying too hard and looking like he is trying to be a good leader. A true leader makes it seem effortless. It’s a part of him. 

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