Innocence is necessary to be creative. An innocent mind is a creative mind because it can context switch and tend to stay within the rules of language and emotion where it knows it will not get hurt. In quite another sense, an innocent mind is beautiful and knows it’s limitations. It knows that it may not be understood well and yet it feels deeply that it’s sphere of influence extends deeply in unknown directions. In fact, knowing that it’s sphere of influence extends into many arenas, an innocent mind is instinctively aware of danger. It makes progress by flirting with novelty slowly, bit by bit, and then embracing it all together, once it has seen the consequences and logic of its action. 

Another feature of an innocent mind is that it resists complaining and fault finding, either internally or externally. In this way, it focuses on what is right and replicates more of that globally, than spend its time trying to fix the wrongs. This is not to say that it does not see the wrong. It sees the wrong but knows that the wrong is also a matter of perspective. Another perspective may come later where it finds the same wrong to be right. 

Innocence is like the wind. 

You can’t see it or touch it. 

You can only feel into it.

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