I am back.

I am back. 

I am here to stay. This is the first new post of a new era. An era of augmentation and embracing power and evolution.
Yes, it is true that context and content go together in any learning environment. We automatically focus on content when it comes to ourselves, and context when it comes to the environment and to others. We gotta do it the other way round. Context first, content second. 
The presence first.

The action later. 

I have been thinking about learning the basics and advanced theories that are in play in the stock and dedicates market. Most people want to make money. They want to learn how to make money so they can automate the process and hand it over to someone else. It will be an interesting path to take. 

The time has come to activate the beast again. 

And with that, 

Welcome back to the Madeius Notes!
To your best, 


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