Who is communicating to Who

We communicate as we so often do through language and images that we know or that we are in the process of knowing. Communication is not our strong suit as a species because every person thinks quite differently even though we are all based on the same genetic and behavioural blueprint.

When I utter the word “teacup” or “horse,” a particular sound, smell, image and sense of touch is evoked deep in the recesses of your mind. This mental picture may be and is generally quite varying across sets of people, the picture being dependent on what kinds of teacups or horses you have seen before, what your experience handling them has been like…and so on. Another way of putting this is that we are lousy communicators because we are programmed to think differently.

The urge to communicate is natural and needed. Without that, the human race would not even survive. We developed our communication modalities as we evolved with time, from primitive sounds which were imitations of nature to complex programmatically adaptable systems that are very specific and which only a handful of specialists in the world speak. One of the wonderful by products of this communication evolution is our current usage of programming languages. There are hundreds of programming languages floating around the web by now. They were all designed for a specific purpose…so that groups of people could come together and solve common problems and find efficient ways of reducing human effort. It was fortunate that machines, computing and internet became so mainstream that if you could speak code, you essentially had a massive advantage over other people.

This still holds true.

If you want to learn a skill, learn how to code. It’s free, it’s beautiful and it’s scalable, as any coder will tell you…meaning it can be applied to different contexts.

I leave you today with three questions to ponder upon. So, please think over this for a few minutes:

What medium do you use the most for communicating?

When do you communicate freely and in a state of flow?

What is your core message?

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