Hiatus and Re-Entry

Dear Reader,

This letter is intended to convey that I was on a hiatus and away from my beloved macbook air for a while due to reasons hitherto unknown.

I was travelling, learning to live without electronic accessories and exploring the notion of virtue, both within oneself and within the community immediately around oneself.

Surely, the world of men relies on trust and mutual appreciation of honesty and care in order to function well. Hence, my foray into the questions of virtue and community which took me to remote regions of India such as Mount Abu. More on Mount Abu in another post.

This blog was an attempt at gaining better understanding of the world within through the medium of writing to the outside agency that forms the larger human community. It still holds that the blog will be a centrepiece attraction of my life in expressible terms, knowing full well that each individual being is an inexpressible and incommunicable entity. How do I come to this? For the simple reason that words and concepts only approach each other and define each other in terms of each other. They cannot express that which is outside their scope, namely the Reality behind all forms.

Words are all I have.

Words are all you have.

and with these Words, begins my re-entry into the blogosphere.




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