Feedback is the key to improvement. Improvement may mean “accessing more” of what you have currently or it may mean an “integration” of what you are.

While in the twentieth century, we have been predominantly concerned with what is called lateral improvement, an increase in quantity of a particular substance or state, in this century we have begun to focus actively on vertical or integral improvement, which calls for a change in the quantity so as to make it interact perfectly and without fault with its parts or a change in state that can view itself completely, in terms of more and less.

For some of us, less is better. The godmen, the Yogis, the Monks and those who live on air.
For others, more is better. The workers, the diplomats, the ministers and those who live on earth.

You have to decide very carefully how you wish to balance the two because the two forces operate from outside and are forever pressing upon you.
Growth and Decay.
Friendships and Strangeness.
Love and Hate.

There is an obvious rhyme to this perceived duality because at the heart of things everything appears dual and stacked on top by layers and layers of fat and goo.

Maya is dual.

The mind is the slayer of the real.

You are the stream itself.

Tip- figure out what is “you” and you are well on your way to entering heaven or hell whichever one rocks your boat…

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