Do I have advice for you?

Most days, it is going to be a battle to get up, to attain and to see clearly into the dark. We are wired to be this way because we have grown up believing life is a struggle and that our roles are terribly difficult.

What is lacking in you is not the will but the patience. Realizing that all good things and greater things require immense patience, faith and kindness is something that is not every one’s cup of tea. If it was, we would not all be police officers but diplomats and spiritual gurus.

If I tell you that the whole thing is your show, I am putting you under considerable pressure. If I tell you that the whole thing is their show, I am putting you under almost equal pressure because you are at their mercy and they often do not have your best interests at hand. Why would they? It is hard enough to get out of bed and look after oneself as is.

Do I have any advice for you?
In my heart, I do not.
In my mind, I do. I wish for you to stop being a wussy and pursue it all. I wish for you to find that which really matters to you. I wish for you to find a sense of beauty in your life.

Above all, I heartily care that you find the truth about yourself.

All great men have looked inward.
Now, so must you for the time of no return has arrived.

Today is the only day and I have a gun to your head!

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