Comparison is the Enemy

Krishnamurti said it quite simply, “Don’t compare yourself to anyone.”

It is necessary to understand the psychological framework of comparison that we all find ourselves trapped in. Only then will you begin to find out what you truly are. Only then will you begin to learn about yourself, constantly, every moment of the day. Learning is a continuous process and not a storage of information into your brain’s memory system. It is a constantly discovery and rediscovery leading to greater understanding about yourself and your role in the world.

I learnt from Wyatt Woodsmall that “real learning = behaviour change”. If your behaviour has not changed, you have not learnt.  Since, we have been ingrained to compare since childhood, unlearning begins by letting go of comparison in our minds. Comparison with respect to money, fame, success, respect, degrees…you name it.

Stop comparing your present self to your ideal self. You WILL ALWAYS LOSE.

Stop comparing yourself to others. YOU ARE SHORT CHANGING YOURSELF.

If you do want to compare, compare yourself to your previous self. See yourself as having made progress, build a success ladder and eventually one step at a time, you will reach your goal.

My goal is to be a great author and convey ideas in a persuasive, fluent and coherent manner. In order to achieve that, I will write every day and take a small step towards refining my skills as a writer and expresser of feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Complexity is really the enemy of execution. Break down your goal into simple, doable steps. Only compare yourself to your past self and keep moving forward…keep building momentum.

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