Championing the intellect

It is quite possible that you asked the question to the wrong person, not because you did not think about it but because you took the path of least resistance. When you take the path of least resistance, you are averse to tension. Tension is living. Tension is the energy behind the beat, the thing that keeps the feet moving and the quality high.

If you get the answer you are looking for, be satisfied. That’s another way to put it. It does not matter who the answer came from, as long as it was a good answer. Inspiration can be surprising. Most of the times. Most of the times mistakes lead to funny discoveries and insights that change the course of the game. Once you change the course of the game and alter the currents in your favor by learning to move with them, then the game is one step closer towards closure. In an always evolving world, the hardest thing to do is stay present to the situation and not get lost in your own reverie.

There is a union. There is connection beyong the personal and moving to the universal. We are creating technology that make our homes smart. Isn’t that something? A union of man and matter, bonded together by a high functioning intellect running the show.

Being a part of the show is one thing.

Running it is quite another 😉

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